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The Arab Spring : One Year After Transformation Dynamics, Prospects for Democratization and the Future of Arab-European Cooperation

Europe in Dialogue 2012 | 02

Taking Stock of the Arab Spring
Armando Garcia Schmidt and Hauke Hartmann

The BTI 2012 : Looking Back on the Arab Spring
An Interpretation of Recent Political Developments

Jan Volkel

Panorama : On-the-Ground Views Hopes, Expectations and Outcomes
In Tunisia, by Amine Ghali
In Lybia, by Samir Saadawi
In Egypt, by Ibrahim Hehazy
In Syria, by Salam Kawakibi
In Yemen, by Elham Manea

Looking Ahead : Prospects for Democratization and Better Governance in the Arab World
Eberhard Kienle

New Neighbors, Old Formulas ? The ENP One Year After the Start of the Arab Spring
Tobias Schumacher

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