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And Patrick Habis

Lebanese Politics and the Tyrany of Confessionalism

Camille H. Habib: Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Lebanese University.

Lebanon’s glorious past (1943-1975) and its tragic present made its history one of conflict and consensus. The crisis of 1958, 1975 and 2005 had illustrated both the precarious stability and the persistent dilemma of a plural society like Lebanon. It is true that the country had shown a remarkable ability to survive between 1943 and 1975. Many claim that its survival was due mainly to the politics of consociation which the Lebanese had adopted as their approach to government. However, when this approach had historically failed to respond to various external and internal challenges, the Lebanese system simply collapsed twice in 1975 as well as in 2005. These challenges encompass the total web of economic, military and diplomatic aspects of the regional and international system, as well as the whole pattern of political, social and ethno-religious values of the internal setting of Lebanon.

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